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By 1965 the Vietnam War, which was supposed to be an easy triumph for the US military, had been running for ten years and all sides were mired in conflict with morale in South Vietnam seriously flagging. To bolster their morale and attempt to signpost at least some victories, the US launched Operation Rolling Thunder on 2nd March 1965, an operation that lasted for two and a half years. The operation also focussed on destroying the North's transport system and killing as many troops as possible without having to physically enter the north whilst simultaneously undermining North Vietnam's support for the Vietcong, a political organization in South Vietnam with its own army who fought against both the USA and South Vietnam troops in South Vietnam. It was generally seen as a failure with the loss of over a thousand USA servicemen and 922 aircraft whilst the north lost just 120 aircraft with 14 pilots killed.



Conflict Vietnam Game

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