WW1 Games Online

WW1 Games Online

Supposed to be the war that ended all wars, WW1 (World War 1) as it became known, though referred to as the Great War at the time, saw 17 million killed (of which 7 million were civilians) and a further 20 million injured. WW1 lasted from 28th July 1914 until the Germans surrendered on 11th November 1918. During that time a staggering 70 million personnel were mobilised by the British, French and Russians on one side later to be joined by the Americans) and Germany and Austria Hungary on the other. You can relive WW1 here in a series of online games based both on the Western and Eastern fronts together with some aerial combat games.

WW1 Games Online: Warfare 1917

WW1 Warfare Game

It's 1917 during the Great War and you have to win each battle by taking over the enemy ground or by forcing the enemy into surrender by wearing down their morale.

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WW1 Games Online: Great War Game

Great War Game

This Great War game reflects the battles of that time during which the "Allies" of the UK, France and Russian Empire fought the German Austria-Hungary Axis. You have a series of missions to undertake to win the war and bring peace back to Europe.

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WW1 Games Online: WW1 Ship Game

WW1 Ship Game

In this WW1 transporter ship game attempt to keep the supply lines open whilst facing submarine and aerial bombardment.

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WW1 Games Online: Turret Game

WW1 Turret Game

Play our free online gun turret game and defend your base from incoming enemy attack in another of our online WW1 games.

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WW1 Games Online: Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Somme

In this Battle of the Somme game you are a Brigadier-General placed in charge of the 94th Infantry Brigade and have 15,000 troops at your disposal to break through enemy lines in this renowned battle between the British and French forces against the Germans in WW1.

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WW1 Games Online: Battle of Berlin Game

Battle of Berlin Game

Play our free online Battle of Berlin game in which you're flying over Berlin in your plane bombing the city during WW1.Not the greatest graphics but still a cool flying game.

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WW1 Games Online: Ant Soldiers

Ant Soldiers

The aim of the game is to ensure the survival of your soldiers against an enemy onslaught. You only have to do this for five minutes before reinforcements arrive and you play the game by firing your cannons at the approaching enemy.

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