WW2 Games Online

WW2 Games Online

WW2 was a war than eventually encapsulated the entire world as it rolled out between 1939 to 1945 involving some thirty countries and over 100 million people. Certainly it was the deadliest conflict in world history leaving up to 80 million dead, many more casualties and entire cities laid waste. It is commonly accepted that WW2 started with the German invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939 and the subsequent declarations of war by Britain and France who had pledged to protect that nation. The war in Europe ended officially on 8th May 1945 when Germany surrendered and the war in the Pacific ended on 15th August 1945 following Japan's surrender. Here you can play out the war in a series of some of the best WW2 games online.

WW2 Games Online: D-Day in Normandy

D-Day in Normandy

It's June 6th 1944 and the Normandy landings have begun to liberate Europe from the Nazi foe. You are part of a crack team to help win the war but, from the moment you land in this war battle game, losses start to mount up and your friends and colleagues die quickly.

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WW2 Games Online: War Zone Game

War Zone Game

The setting for this war zone game is a small town in France. You're a soldier, fully armed and fighting for victory, trying to recapture the town. Your mission is to secure the area by killing as many of the enemy as you can.

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WW2 Games Online: Japanese War Game

Japanese War Game

Before WW2 had begun the Japanese were already at war with China and were the subject of an embargo by the Allies that was rapidly diminishing its oil and other reserves. This WW2 Japanese war game is based on those events.

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WW2 Games Online: Battlefield 2

Battlefield Games

After the Normandy Landings of June 1944 the Germans dug in and used their skill and energy to maintain a presence in many towns and cities across northern Europe. In this WW2 game, you are an allied soldier and have to help clear the streets of the Nazi menace.

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WW2 Games Online: Warfare 1944

War Strategy Game

On 6th June 1944 Allied forces from the USA, Britain, Canada and France landed at Normandy as part of a push to end the Second World War. In this war strategy game you play as US forces.

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WW2 Games Online: Battlefields WW2

Battlefields WW2

This WW2 game starts at Omaha Beach on the coast of Normandy and you play this game as a rifleman taking on the German troops as you attempt to push them back over the frontline.

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WW2 Games Online: Nazi War Game

Nazi War Game

In another of our online WW2 games, you are a specialist Allied soldier inside a Nazi war installation and have to make your way around the complex in your quest to shoot as many Nazi soldiers and their helpers as possible.

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WW2 Games Online: WW2 Killer

WW2 Killer

You're a one man killing machine during WW2 and are sent on a secret mission to take down enemy snipers who have taken over a compound.

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WW2 Games Online: Defence Games

Defence Games

Another of our WW2 games where you have to defend your base. The game states that if you lose the base you lose the war which makes it a bit strange your commanding officer leaves you only responsible for defending the base against an incoming German army. But what do we know?

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WW2 Games Online: Soviet Conquest

Army Strategy Game

As Germany was preparing for war across the European continent, Russia signed a non-aggression pact with them on 23rd August 1939 however Hitler still invaded the Soviet Union on 22nd June 1941. This army strategy game is based on Russia's counter offensive.

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WW2 Games Online: Brave Soldier

Soldier Game

You're a soldier acting alone who crash lands behind enemy lines armed with just your gun and ammo. You need to get back to your own troops but its a war zone and need to take down the enemy over a series of missions to return to safety.

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WW2 Games Online: Nazi Prison Escape

Nazi Prison Escape

You have been on a covert mission into Nazi territory but captured and transported to a SS prison where you will be interrogated in harsh conditions. You need to find a way to escape!

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WW2 Games Online: Brothers in Arms: II

Brothers in Arms: II

In this army shooting game, you are a soldier patrolling villages in Normandy in search of German army soldiers as the Allies pushed them back towards Germany and eventual victory.

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